Book Review: Duke, by Kirby Larson

duke_coverDog. A man’s best friend.

The book Duke by Newbery Honor winning author, Kirby Larson, just came out in bookstores everywhere.

The year is 1944, the world is at war… Americans vs. Nazis. Both sides needed help from their home country as much as they needed each other.

Hobie Hanson is a boy in Seattle who owns a German shepherd who is very well trained and has great agility. Whenever Hobie goes for a ride on his bike, Duke, the German shepherd, comes along. He is very loyal to his owner.

When Hobie rides home one day with Duke running along he meets a man. His name was Mr.Rasmussen, he works for “Dogs for defense.” After Hobie shows the man how Duke can do great tricks, Mr.R gives Hobie his card. Mr.R’s dog, Ludwig, was going to go into war and Mr.R asks Hobie if he wants to lend Duke to the marines. After a long time thinking, Hobie agrees as long as he would get his best friend back as soon as possible.

When Duke leaves, Hobie and his family is struck with sadness. After couple of weeks, he gets a letter from Sargent Marv saying that Duke is happy, and he is having a fun time training and learning new skills. Hobie is now more happy knowing that his friend is safe.

Ever since the first letter, Sarg. Marv consistently sends letters to Hobie until there is a sudden break… After a long wait Hobie gets a letter saying that when Sarg. Marv’s general said “all clear,” Duke’s ears perked up and he suddenly started barking, and that day Duke saved the life’s of many people. When Sarg. Marv yelled everyone to get to cover, seeing that Duke was barking, soon after a spray of bullets passed over Marv’s and Duke’s heads… Did the hit Duke and Marv? Did they live? Did Hobie ever get to see his best friend ever again?

You will have to read this book to find out.

Review: I would definitely rate this book a 10/10. It is really vivid and a movie was always forming through my head as I read the book. I would recommend this for all ages, and EVERYONE should read this amazing story.

-Satej B., 7th grade

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