Book vs. Movie: Catching Fire – Further Analysis

catching_fire_book_movieMy family and I saw The Hunger Games: Catching Fire recently and I wanted to compare it to the book.

First of all, the time that they spent in the actual arena in the movie was shortened a lot. It probably consisted of half the time they spent in the arena in the book. Also, the time that they spent in their district was a lot longer than the previous movie. Both movies, it seems, spent more time in the districts than in the arena. Third, as the years go on, book-based movies in general are becoming more and more like the original books. Catching Fire was no exception. I could remember so many things from the book that were put into the movie that I was quite overwhelmed.

Although, in the book –SPOILER ALERT—after Katniss is taken from the arena in a hovercraft containing Finnick, Haymitch, and Gale, they talk a lot more about what has happened while the games were taking place. In the movie, there was just a lot of screaming and not much talking. Katniss is pretty scary when she gets angry. I don’t remember Haymitch –SPOILER ALERT (again)—giving Finnick his gold bracelet or that Effie gives Haymitch one, also. Otherwise, the movie and the book were more alike than I would have thought them to be if I had not watched the movie.

If you have not read the book: read it – your lives will be better, I assure you. And also, watch the movie too. Compare them if you want, and post a comment below about what you thought about them!

-Kyle H., 7th grade

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