Event Recap: Chris Weitz Author Visit

On July 30th, director and now author, Chris Weitz debuted his brand new novel, The Young World, at the Mission Viejo Library.  He is the director of the Twillight Saga: New Moon and The Golden Compass.  Chris Weitz kicked off the event by letting us know how action-packed his book is.

young_world_coverThe Young World is a story about a post-apocalyptic world that is now being ruled by teenagers.  A strange sickness wiped out all of the population but left the teen survivors to fend for themselves and to possibly save all humanity.

Chris Weitz wrote this story for the YA audience.  He tried to keep his novel as original as possible and not to make it yet another dystopian themed book. The Young World, features a diverse set of characters– diverse in race and sexual orientation.  The story takes place in New York because Weitz knows this place very well.

At the event, we had a Q&A session and he told us that he found that it was particularly hard to get his thoughts down on the paper, especially during the tragic or sadder situations.  He also gave the audience very helpful advice on directing and acting.  Weitz read a small passage from his new book.  During this reading of the book listeners were already captivated  by deaths and emotional issues that will surely evolve in later chapters.   We got a glimpse of the narrators and were told of the teens’ favorite movie, Star Wars Most interestingly, Weitz made a very strong argument on how the word ‘like’ is actually a very necessary part of our speech. This book will for sure be an interesting read!

After he was done, we were able to get a copy of The Young World and I got it signed by Chris Weitz himself.  I am looking forward to reading this new book because it sounds very fun, witty, and interesting.

-Erika T., 8th grade

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