Authors We Love: Meg Cabot

megcabot_avalonhighMeg Cabot is an author who writes specifically for adolescents, teenagers, and sometimes tweens. Being a #1 New York Times best selling author, her multiple series and works have accomplished numerous awards.

I have read all of Meg Cabot’s books. She is so amazing; Meg Cabot themes her books based on her past experiences. She states, “I hope readers will realize that they are not alone in feeling the way I did when I was in middle and high school- like a great big freak! Also that “normal” is not what you see on TV. Being true to yourself, and to your friends, is way more important than being part of the “in crowd.” I am living proof that it is possible to profit from being a middle and high school freak.”

Her method of writing truly inspires many teenagers across the nation. Some books of her that I specifically have enjoyed are: The Princess Diaries series, the Avalon High series, Jinx, the Underworld series, and the Airhead series. These books are truly fascinating, themed on regular teenage girls who go through different complications in their lives.

Avalon High, especially, is one of my all time favorites because of the techniques that Meg Cabot infuses into the series. She mixes history with modern day cultures, and makes a surprising twist. The series is based on the legend of King Arthur; this is a must-read! Also, particularly because I prefer the paranormal romance genre, the Underworld series is a marvelous collection. Truly, Meg Cabot is a wondrous author, and I am looking forward to her future works.

– Nirmeet B., 9th grade

6 thoughts on “Authors We Love: Meg Cabot

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  2. I just wanted to leave a comment saying how much I adore Meg Cabot’s books as well! I was a huge fan of her Princess Diaries in middle school, but I haven’t had the chance to read her other books-so I will use your review as a spring board to dive back into her writing! Keep up the good work!

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  4. I am also a big fan of Meg Cabot. I feel that her work is more mature, though. Wendy Mass is a great middle school/elementary school to Meg Cabot

  5. I love Meg Cabot! Her writing is so truthful of the teenage mind it makes me laugh. I read her entire Princess Diaries series from 7th grade-8th grade, and was thoroughly entertained. I really want to read 27 dresses and watch the movie; that’s next on my list!
    Great review!

  6. I love Meg Cabot. I have read The Princess Diaries, when I was younger the Allie Finkle books, and Avalon High. I love the main characters in all three books so much. They all have their own quirks and aren’t superheroes. They are just regular girls.

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