Book Review: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain

tom_sawyer_coverThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a great book to read for anyone who loves classic stories.  It is about a naughty boy named Tom doing a lot of mischievous tricks and risky adventures. He has a brother named Sid and a sister named Mary. Aunt Polly, who takes care of Tom, loves him even though he is a firebrand. Huckberry Finn, whose nickname is Huck, is Tom’s best friend as well as the partner in all of his adventures.

One of Tom’s crazy adventures is when he and his friend were in a graveyard trying to revive a dead person with a dead cat at midnight. Before they begin their process they see three men, Muff Potter, Dr. Robinson, and Injun Joe in the same graveyard. They quickly hide behind the bushes because they do not want to be seen by the three men. Instead, they witnessed Injun Joe murder Dr. Robinson for revenge, and then Injun Joe accuses Muff Potter for the crime. So scared, Tom and Huck run to a shed and complete a blood oath that they will never talk about the crime scene to anyone or they will die and rot.

Besides going on adventures, Tom also likes to tricks the children to do his white washing (putting new coat of paint on his aunt’s fence) and trade his trinkets for the tickets that can be used to trade in for the Bible to impress the new girl, Becky Thatcher– when a student receives a Bible, it shows others that they had been a good student.

I think teenagers today are going to like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Even though this book is a classic, there are still some naughty teenagers and they might want to read about how kids were in the 1800s.

– Samantha S., 6th grade

30 thoughts on “Book Review: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain

  1. Good review! I agree with Wenqing, reading definitely aids in our comprehension of the world! I’ve been meaning to read this for quite some time but I will see to it now!

  2. Tom sawyer is a mischief young boy who is always looking for a new adventure, he plays tricks and always does risky things and tricks the children to do his chores for him. He goes on adventures with his best friend Huckberry finn. He has a young love Becky thatcher and does everything to try and get her attention. He lives in saint peters berg in missippi in america. tom and his friend huck go to the graveyard one day and see something that they were not suppose to what do you tink they will do. Gwyn-vonne smit 9th grader from hoerskool montana in south africa

    • Gwyn-vonne smit your review is also nice and intersting
      Well i am Chhavi 6th grader from St.Anthony’s Sr.Sec school in north India [Asia]

  3. It was an awesome review by Samantha and even the book was fantastic. The mischievious activities, tricks, and adventures by tom were fab. I didn’t read the book but after reading the review it seems that the book must be interesting and may be fun to read so I am definitely going to read it. Loved the review and review writer’s name too. ANINDITAA KAUSHAL 7th grader, DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, YAMUNANAGAR.

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