Event Recap: Lauren Oliver’s Requiem Tour


Boy, had I been missing out!

Ever been to a book signing? As surprising as it may be for some people, I had never been to one before. And boy, had I been missing out! But I was lucky enough to have had Lauren Oliver’s book signing at the Mission Viejo Library as my first ever. She was such an engaging speaker, full of funny comments and remarks that created a relaxed and fun vibe during her presentation.

Lauren Oliver started off by telling us about how she became a writer because she has had a “lifelong love of reading.” She explained how ever since she was little, she would read a book, completely fall in love with it, but then sadly it would have to end. (Know the feeling?) So, she would write short stories or sequels about the books she read, which I thought was pretty cool. I had never thought about doing that before. And yet it was interesting to hear that the first time that she wrote a complete novel was not until her senior year in college!

Out of everything though, what was most surprising to me was that Lauren Oliver thinks that she had “no natural talent” as a writer. Hard to believe, seeing as she is such a good writer! But she talked about how becoming the writer that she is today has been something that she has had to work on every day for the past 20 years. And that is how she has acquired her talent, but she continues to work hard to improve it. And that is what Lauren Oliver suggests to all of those aspiring authors out there; just make time to write every single day to get the practice that you need. Everyone get that? Write every day!

lauren_oliver2After Lauren Oliver herself read a few pages from her newest book Requiem (so awesome hearing it in her own voice!), and after questions and answers, we were lucky to get some cool insight about the upcoming books that Lauren Oliver will be publishing this year. The first will be Panic, a realistic teen book that she wrote in alternating point-of-views of a boy and a girl. And the next will be Rooms, a book written towards an adult audience. Be sure to be on the lookout for these! Another thing that we should be anticipating is the new TV show based on Delirium, Lauren Oliver is very excited about it and we all should be too.

Finally, waiting in line to meet Lauren Oliver was not bad considering she was so great and seemed genuinely interested in meeting us. (And we also got cupcakes afterwards. Yay!) Overall I felt that Lauren Oliver was pretty inspiring. Personally, I have always felt like I’m not the most creative writer, but she made me feel like it is completely possible if I find it’s something I want to try, I just have to be willing to put a lot of hard work into it. So, thank you Lauren Oliver!

– Liliana M., 12th grade

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