Book Review: The Dork Diaries series, by Rachel Renee Russell

dork_diaries_coverThe Dork Diaries series is about a fourteen year old, eighth-grade girl, Nikki Maxwell, who moves to a private school because she got a scholarship with her dad’s help and has trouble in the beginning and thoughout the books.

She writes in a diary to tell you about her life at her new school. She does have friends, a crush, a mean school girl, and a lot of trouble ahead of her. The books are illustrated with black-and-white images, and are funny and relatable.

There are five books out right now, plus a “do it yourself” book (How to Dork Your Diary). The sixth book comes out this June. Each book is about 288 pages to 368 pages. I have read the Dork Diaries books and LOVED them! I like every one of them because it’s the same story line but each book is more interesting than the one before.

The reading level of this series is ages 9 and up. I would recommend it to girls that love stories that are funny and not too long, not too short. It is a girl virsion of Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid. If you’re a fan of those books, then you will like this!

– Kate B., 6th grade

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