Book Review: The False Prince

false_prince_coverThis is my first time writing a blog. Enjoy!

The False Prince, by Jennifer A. Nielsen is a good book for people of all ages. It is a book that quite nicely combines fantasy and mystery, with an added element of suspense that always keeps you hooked.

You, as the reader, discover secrets that would never have even crossed your mind. The False Prince is the kind of book that you’d never want to put down. An excellent book that you wouldn’t want to miss out on, it is the kind of book that just makes you want to read it as often as you can.

At the beginning, our protagonist, Sage, lives in Mrs. Turbeldy’s orphanage for boys. However, one day, a nobleman named Conner comes to the orphanage and buys Sage. Sage meets three other orphan boys: Roden, Tobias, and Latamer. Connor takes the four of them away, and gives hints to what his plan would be: to choose one of the four boys, and have him take the throne that belonged to lost Prince Jaron of Carthya! The reader also learns that whoever isn’t chosen would be killed to protect the secret!

A fantastic book that you wouldn’t want to miss, The False Prince is a book that I highly recommend reading. The False Prince is only the first in the Ascendance trilogy. The second book, The Runaway King, the second book in the series, is just as great. I also recommend reading that one as well.

-Linna C., 6th grade

2 thoughts on “Book Review: The False Prince

  1. I’ve never heard of this book before but you make it sound really interesting. I hope to read it at some point. I really like the word selection that you chose. Keep posting! 🙂

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