Event Recap: Kaleb Nation on Social Media

Kaleb_Nation01On Wednesday, May 22nd, a very special guest visited the Mission Viejo Library and spoke to teens of all ages. Kaleb Nation is a well-known author, YouTube personality, and successful entrepreneur. He hosted his first radio show at just 14 years old, published his first book at age 20, and is the creator of websites with over 10,000,000 hits. In addition, he creates YouTube videos with over 50 million views and 73,000 subscribers.

harken_coverKaleb began his presentation by telling the audience how his unique story began a few years ago. Curious and wanting to be different, he played a prank on his friends that was based on the famous book series, Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer. Little did he know that this small action would lead to his future fame and success. The prank immediately went viral online, and this prompted Kaleb to create TwilightGuy (a website that explains the Twilight series from a guy’s perspective). This subsequently opened the door to his weekly YouTube videos, which led to Kaleb becoming the author of the Bran Hambric series and his latest novel, Harken.

Although Kaleb claims that he is an introvert, his style of presentation connects strongly with his audience and shows a very vibrant and outgoing personality. His overall motto and message to the audience was “small things lead to bigger things.” He also pointed out that we should always be careful of what we say online. Things that you post on the Internet can never go away and you never know who will see your posts. As Kaleb advises, always ask yourself, “If 20,000 people suddenly saw this, would I be ok?”

Kaleb_Nation02In order to become successful, he stressed, “You need to be different, be a voice for people like you, and be a brand, or way of presenting yourself. You need to set yourself apart from others, and most importantly, just be you!”

Kaleb Nation is a very interesting and unique person. At just 24 years old, he has become a very successful person in social media. I thoroughly enjoyed his informative presentation and felt that his speech delivery was hilarious. For those who will leave a digital footprint, Kaleb Nation definitely gave valuable insight on the new world of social media!

-Kaylie W., 8th grade

2 thoughts on “Event Recap: Kaleb Nation on Social Media

  1. Great review! Kaleb Nation sounds like is a very inspiring guy. I’ll definitely read his book this summer.

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