Book Review: The Quantum Prophecy

quantum-prophecy-theThe Quantum Prophecy is the first book in an amazing series called The New Heroes. These books are engaging and the keep you hooked on for eternity. The author who created this marvelous series, Michael Carroll, has written many books that have been big hits, mainly in the fantasy genre. Michael is still writing more books for The New Heroes series right now. However, the books I have read so far have been so exciting!

As an introduction to the first book, Colin and Danny are best friends. They are just regular kids at a regular school… until they find out something that changes their life forever. At age 12, they find out that they are super humans. Both of them have enhanced powers; for Colin it is ultimate strength and for Danny it is lighting speed. They save the world together as a team with amazing abilities. Colin’s superhero name is Power and Danny is not called by anything special.

Colin’s family and Danny’s family moves to Sakkara, a military base for super humans.  At Sakkara, they meet many other super humans such as Renata. Renata, also known as Diamond, has the power to crystalize anything on the planet she wants– even the whole planet if needed. Butler, also known as Bubble, has the power to create a force field that can hold out a force of any kind. One day, Danny’s fake dad, Façade, captures him, Danny thinking that Façade is his real dad. Façade posed as Danny’s dad, but Danny’s real dad is Quantum. Quantum works to enhance a power drainer. Quantum has the ability to see the future, and he sees Danny leading an army in the future. He also sees that everyone dies as a result of the war. To prevent this, he decides to drain the powers of his son. Once one of them is hooked to the power drainer, their powers will be gone forever– and Danny is forced to make a life-altering decision.

The Quantum Prophecy is a must-read. I cannot imagine my life if I had never read this book. I recommend it for ages 10-18. I enjoyed the books and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

-Satej B., 6th grade

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