Book Review: The Host, by Stephenie Meyer

host_coverThe Host, written by Stephenie Meyer, is a science fiction and romance novel. This is an excellent read for teenagers because it involves compelling mystery and thrill. This book is about a different species, alien to any in our Earth. The species is called a Host. A Host is a framework for a soul on the planet Earth. They remain in human bodies and serve as a structure for the soul that is assigned to them. One of the last humans alive, Melanie Stryder fights for the lives of herself and her brother, Jamie. She then meets Jared, another remaining human being, and falls deeply in love with him. Chased by souls looking for mischief humans, Melanie avoids getting captured by jumping down an elevator shaft.

The soul named Wanderer is inserted into Melanie’s body after this tragic incident. The souls do this in order to look into Melanie’s mind and look for more humans that might still be alive. Forming a symbolic connection with Wanderer, Melanie leads her soul into the desert in hope of finding Jamie and Jared. Dehydrated and starved, Wanderer is found in the desert by Melanie’s uncle Jeb. Disregarding the fact that his niece is now stuck in a soul, Jeb takes care of Wanderer and leads her into the last of the human’s hideout. Wanderer recognizes Jamie and Jared as soon as she sees them in the hideout, causing Melanie to jump for joy inside her head.

Soon, the group of humans that live in caves accepts Wanderer and they start to nickname her Wanda. But can an alien being ever be truly accepted among humans?

-Nirmeet B., 9th grade

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