Light Reading: Two Short and Sweet Book Reviews

little_blog_prairie_coverDo you love Laura Ingalls Wilder? Think it would be fun to live life out on the prairie? Well, think again.

In Little Blog on the Prairie, by Cathleen Davitt Bell, Gen is furious when she finds out that her mom has signed her up for a summer long family camp where they all get to pretend that its the year 1890. Sounding fun yet? To add to the delights of raising chickens, using an outhouse, and fighting with your
little brother, this prairie has a Nellie Oleson style mean girl.

When Gen sneaks her phone in and texts her friends, they think that this little life on
the prairie would make a great blog. But when things blow up big-time, Gen has to admit that the prairie has actually grown on her a lot, and she can’t bear to leave.

This is an excellent book full of twists, turns, inevitable drama, and a boy with a leather necklace. Try Little Blog on the Prairie for some LOL entertainment.

selection_coverThe Selection, by Kiera Cass, a dystopian book about a princess competition is… hard to rate. I can’t honestly say that I loved it, but this book definitely had some very interesting parts.

America Singer (cool name, huh?) is chosen to be in the selection: thirty-five girls all competing to catch the eye of Prince Maxon, the awkward, naïve, and kind of sweet future ruler of Illea. Even though America still can’t get over her ex-boyfriend who dumped her right before she got involved in the competition, and there are some pretty catty competitors to fight off, fiery America won’t go down without a fight.

I think The Selection is pretty good piece of dystopian lit, even if it may not hold a candle to The Giver. It definitely falls into the category of chick lit, though… sorry, guys!

-Becka O., 8th grade

2 thoughts on “Light Reading: Two Short and Sweet Book Reviews

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  2. The Selection looks really interesting. It sounds like my kind of book! Ill definitely check it out!
    Great review and keep it up!

    ~Kelsey H. (going into 10th grader) 🙂

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