Book Review: Love’s Image, by Debby Mayne

loves_image_coverThis is a great love story with some very powerful messages:

  • Beauty is not only skin deep.
  • What’s on the outside of someone is not as important as what’s  on the inside.
  • Have faith and never ever give up.

My great-aunt read it and thought I would like it. She was right.

Model Shannon McNab has been in a terrible car accident that wounded her face. Left with a long scar as a reminder, she knows that her career as a model is shot and her self-confidence has flown out the window. Her boyfriend leaves her because he no longer finds her attractive.

When one of her friends takes her to a singles group at church, Shannon is apprehensive about going at first. It is there that she meets Judd Manning, a kind, funny school teacher who makes Shannon smile once again. He makes her believe that she might be able to find someone who doesn’t judge her by her scar and will love her the way she is. She begins to feel better about herself again and falls in love with Judd.

As her scar fades over time, her love for Judd and God grows. She is confident again and finally happy, having found the true meaning of her life and believing that everything does happen for a reason.

This novel is definitely a favorite of mine and a real feel-good story. It shows how to have faith in God, other people, and yourself.

-Lauren B., 12th grade

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Love’s Image, by Debby Mayne

  1. I like how you stated the messages of the novel early, so we know what the book focuses on. Also, I love the personal touch! When you say that your great-aunt read it and told you to read it, it really inspires me to read the book. It shows that this genre is really for anyone, just a relaxing novel.

  2. You found some great themes in this novel. Excellent use of bullet points. Your summary makes this story seem very sweet. I really want to read it now.

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