Book Review: Double, by Jenny Valentine

double_coverThe mysterious pages of Double, by Jenny Valentine, will keep readers in suspense every twist and turn.

This mystery book is centered on a boy known as Chap, a sixteen-year-old runaway. After living on the streets for several years, one event changes his life forever. When police detain him for fighting, they discover an ad in the newspaper for a missing boy named Cassiel Roadnight. After realizing he has nothing to lose, Chap takes on a new identity with the caring family and home he never had.

Every minute is a challenge for him; Cassiel’s family could discover the truth at any moment. However, nobody realizes the truth, except for a friend of Cassiel’s named Floyd. Slowly, the two begin to piece together what really happened on the day Cassiel disappeared. Will Chap find out his true identity, and finally find a family of his own? This highly dramatic and thought-provoking story is sure to keep anyone at the edge of their seat.

Chap is a very intelligent and thoughtful person. His every motive is clear and simple, so readers can understand his every subtle or bold action. His emotions and thoughts really show through as he struggles to cope with his life spiraling out of control. As if building a house of cards, Chap is now forced to add layer after layer of deception, knowing that in the end it will all come tumbling down.

Valentine does a superb job with this murder mystery, skillfully meshing teenage emotions and the cold reality of the world. Double shows deep emotions about family and loved ones, and will have a profound impact on readers. Chap’s wit and quick thinking will aid him on his path to redemption as readers cheer him on. Double is a new, quick read that will definitely satisfy any reader’s crave for mystery.

-Phillip X., 7th grade

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Double, by Jenny Valentine

  1. You make this mystery sound so cool. I like the suspense you put into your review. Your simile is so creative. Now I want to know what happens next.

  2. Very interesting plotline in the book. I loved how you talked about what readers would like in the book and how the character is creative in his own ways.

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