Authors We Love: Carl Hiaasen

hoot_coverCarl Hiaasen is an author who writes about the problems that he sees in real life and has the characters experience them. He has a great writing skill that captivates your imagination and shows that the problems in these stories can happen in real life if we don’t prevent them from happening. His novels include Hoot, Flush, Chomp, and Scat which are all great books (except I haven’t read Scat yet).

Hiaasen is exquisite at connecting with the reader and hooking the reader into being on his side. For me, watching the books in my head gave me new insight on animal conservation. Carl Hiaasen has inspired me and has always made me excited to read his next book. If you want to help owls then read Hoot: a great novel about owl conservation that won the Newbery Honor in 2003. Are the swamps of Florida your style? Then read Chomp: where alligators are entertaining to read!

chomp_coverAll of Hiaasen’s novels have amazing storylines, and for some of you it may make you inspired to look further into preserving the wild! Also, Hiaasen is one of those authors that can plant an image in your head that makes everything seem surreal. I am one of those people who are visual, and this helps me make a movie in my head about everything going on in the book.

If you have read one of Carl Hiaasen’s books, feel free to post a comment about it!

-Kyle H., 6th grade

3 thoughts on “Authors We Love: Carl Hiaasen

  1. Hey blogger brother! 😉

    I’m leaving the first post…I read Hoot in seventh grade and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was so cute how the characters worked to save owls. I haven’t read any of his other books though, but after your review, maybe I just might!

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