Book vs. Movie: The Lightning Thief

percy_book_movieI want to start off by saying the Percy Jackson series is one of my favorite series of all time. The first book, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, begins the entire crazy adventure for Percy and his friends. I had high hopes for the movie version, though I never expect them to be as good as the book. That being said, I was still disappointed when I saw the movie.

There is no denying that it wasn’t a good movie, but lots of “creative license” that the movie took were really annoying. There were little things they messed up on like Annabeth’s hair being brown instead of blond, completely cutting out Clarisse, and giving Hades a surprise appearance at camp. There were other major things that got on my nerves, though.

There was the random quest to find pearls, when in the book, they were a gift from Poseidon to Percy. Speaking of Poseidon, he caused the gods to be distant from their children because he was becoming mortal? That was really weird and felt very unnecessary to the plot.

The thing that changed the most was the main characters’ age. Percy, Annabeth, and Grover were only supposed to be 12, but they were driving cars and looked 16. Which completely changes the course of the series. There were plenty other things that changed from the book, most of those are understandable for the time restraint.

Now on to the positive parts. There were good fight scenes (most not in the book) with great special effects. The scenes with Percy healing himself and Annabeth looked really cool. It was also interesting to see the different scenes at Camp Half Blood, Medusa’s place, The Underworld, and Mount Olympus. The movie was far from bad, it just can never compare to the written version.

This movie would probably be enjoyed more by someone who didn’t read the book. The experience, of course, is different for everyone. So the only way to know if you’ll enjoy the movie is to see it yourself. So which you like better and why as books vs. movies continues.

-Nicole G., 10th grade

5 thoughts on “Book vs. Movie: The Lightning Thief

  1. I also read the book and saw the movie and I have to agree with you. For me the fight scenes were epic as you said, but the movie was missing what the book was going for. I personally think that they made a huge mistake making the movie like that because then no one else (who would actually follow the story line) could make another one. When you think of how good the book is, it also makes you think of how the movie was the opposite. I hope they dont make the same mistake with the next movie Sea of Monsters coming out in August. Im really hoping this one is better than the last. This is just what I feel so if you feel differently, its cool.
    But i am really glad that you posted this because I feel the same way.

  2. Oh my gosh.Finally someone who understands. 🙂 I watched The Lightning Thief movie twice, both times thoroughly dissecting it and continously yelling and shouting and raging at the television—(“Where the heck is the Hermes cabin?!? Oh, come on!” “Ummm, helllooo??? They were POSEIDON’S pearls, NOT PERSEPHONE’S!!!” “Seriously? Where is Thalia’s pine tree and why are they guarding the boundries like its life or death? Don’t they know about the boundry protection?” “Come on people, Chiron’s a WHITE horse!”)Thanks for the review; keep posting!!!

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