Manga Introduction: Naruto, by Masashi Kishimoto

naruto_coverThis was my first ever manga I ever read. This is the manga series that got me hooked into the word of manga. Since then I have learned about many more.

Here are a few facts about Naruto:

  • Naruto was first published in September of 1999. It quickly became popular and now remains as one of the top 5 most popular manga in the world.
  • There are over 60 tankobon volumes(Manga books) each containing about 8-10 chapters per book. Each chapter is a full set of about 18-20 pages of black and white drawings.
  • Every week Naruto’s publisher magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump, publishes one chapter of Naruto.
  • Naruto, due to its popularity, has two anime series, both featuring over 200 episodes.

As you can see, Naruto is a rather large and popular manga series. In this manga series, ninjas are the ones who have most power in the land where the series happens. The series mainly focuses on Naruto Uzumaki, who is the main character. There are also many incredible main supporting characters.

-Sarah J., 8th grade

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