Book Review: The Prisoner of Cell 25, by Richard Paul Evans

michael_vey_coverThe first volume of the Michael Vey series, The Prisoner of Cell 25, is a thrilling novel that will keep you interested until the last and final word. Michael Vey is a teen with unusual powers. As he goes on an adventure, he meets new friends, shares new bonds, and gains new experiences. Michael learns of his powers and meets others like him.

In the beginning, Michael runs into the bullies Jack, Wade, and Mitchell. After Wade attempts to pants him, he gives them what they least expect, a shock. Witnessed by a cheerleader named Taylor, who mysteriously is similar to Michael, they get together with Ostin, Michael’s best friend. They learn of the similarities of both Michael’s and Taylor’s powers in that they are both “electric” children and the three of them form a club, The Eletroclan.

Just as Michael’s luck gets better, he and Taylor are invited to a mysterious academy called the Elgen Academy. The two of them grow more and more suspicious when they learn of the mystery behind why they both have electrical powers. When Taylor mysteriously disappears one day after school, and Michael and Ostin are witnesses to an unusual event where Michael’s mother disappears, Michael and Ostin accompanied by Jack and Wade go together on an adventure that will change their lives forever.

This book is a true action-packed novel that will leave you wanting more.

-Danielle T., 6th grade

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