Book Review: The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen, by Syrie James

missing_manuscript_jane_austen_coverThis is an awesome book about a 25 year old woman who is in England and visits a mansion. In this mansion the caretaker (a cute guy her age; too bad she has a boyfriend!) helps her find a manuscript that might have been written by Jane Austen.

This book is amazing! It’s like two books at once. Syrie James wrote an amazing book with a modern story and a regency novel together. There is humor, good writing, and there’s quite a bit of romance. If you have ever read a Jane Austen novel, it almost lives up to the name.

The regency novel part is amazing with lots of twisted romance, a villian who you think was a friend, and a scandal. The modern part has a jealous boyfriend, a handsome (and unpleasant) man, and a funny heroine that seems like she would be an awesome best friend.

I loved this book, which isn’t very well known. Everyone who likes Jane Austen or modern books will love this cool combo. (If you like this book, also check out Edenbrooke by an awesome author named Julianne Donaldson.)

-Becka O., 8th grade

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