Book Review: Florida Getaway, by Max Allan Collins

csi_miami_coverThis book review is part of series of reviews written by students at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School for their 7th grade English classes.

I love watching the TV show “CSI: Miami,” so when I found this book, Florida Getaway by Max Allan Collins, I knew that I was going to love it. And I was right, the author painted a picture so vivid in my brain, I could picture what everything looked like. He described what everything looked like, sounded like, and felt like from a person to a house.

In this book, the Las Vegas crime lab is trying to arrest Thomas Lessor for the murder of Erica Hardy. “As the sun set on Las Vegas, bringing night to a city that refused to sleep, an unusual crispness was in the air, a knife edge that keened the senses” (Page 10). When they fail, he flees to Miami to escape arrest, or something else? The Miami Dade police department takes over the investigation only to find Thomas Lessor missing. “Miami is also a place where on each and every sunny day, citizens and visitors, young and old alike, unexpectedly find new and unusual ways to accomplish that fatal task…” (28). Could he be fleeing the country?

Three murders later they find the real, dirty truth and to find out what that is, you will have to read the book yourself. The main character, Lieutenant Horatio Caine, is a serious investigator who will do anything to find the truth. Thomas Lessor, suspect of the murder of Erica Hardy, goes missing when catching a flight to Miami. Daniel Boyle, hotel manager and the number one suspect for a murder. Is he guilty? Maria Chacon, singer in one of Daniel Boyle’s hotels has a couple of affairs going on. Will anyone find out?

Manipulation is everywhere. People will manipulate each other to get what they want. Manipulation is an important aspect that comes up in this novel. Running away from your problems does not help anything especially in this novel. Will running away help Thomas Lessor escape from being arrested or will it make everything worse? People don’t always tell the truth. In this novel, honesty comes to play. You have to be honest to a detective or they will find out the truth from the evidence.

I loved this book because it was so suspenseful and it kept me turning pages. Everything was described so well I always had picture in my brain of what a setting or character looked like. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes detectives and likes mysteries and loves to solve problems.

-Ali B., 7th grade

One thought on “Book Review: Florida Getaway, by Max Allan Collins

  1. Whoa! I never knew they had a book! Oh man I love this TV show. When I get the chance I am so going to read this book.

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