Movie Review: Iron Man 3

ironman3_posterThis movie starts in Switzerland. When Tony Stark is in the elevator to exit the building on New Year’s Eve, he meets a guy, Kingsley, with a new idea. So Tony told Kingsley that he will meet him on the roof of the building. Tony leaves the man standing there waiting without showing up. Then thirteen years later Tony Stark takes his titanium suit as a hobby. Kingsley returns with years of therapy and tells Pepper, Tony’s girlfriend, about his excellent idea about redeveloping the brain to recover itself almost instantly. Pepper comments that it would be a great change, but it may be used for very harmful things, and refuses to work with Kingsley…

I think that this amazing movie is fun for older kids and is very entertaining. This movie is very adventurous and intense. I believe that this movie is perfect for every kind of child, 10 and older, and adults. If you enjoyed the first two Iron Man movies, go see this one, based on the Marvel comics.

-Samantha S., 7th grade

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