Book Review: Accidentally Fabulous, by Lisa Barham

0-545-04667-XThis book review is part of series of reviews written by students at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School for their 7th grade English classes.

Although I have never had an opportunity to star in a movie about me, author Lisa Barham made me feel like I was born a movie star. Accidentally Fabulous is an exhilarating page-turner, and it teaches great moral lessons.

I felt really excited when Imogene and Evie, the inseparable main characters, reached “Fashion Fantasy Camp” in Hollywood, California. There plans to go to the spa and run a fashion show together really put me in their shoes. When I discovered that Imogene was world famous for being THE  “Hautelawgirl,” I was breathless! This meant that Imogene, ordinary New York Girl, was about to become an International Movie Star!

I liked how there were many obstacles between Imogene and Evie, and Imogene’s movie because it made the book come alive.

You can really learn a lot about friendship by reading this book because Imogene and Evie were were facing everyday friendship problems that you can probably relate to. Imogene finally realizes how much she needs her best friend when she says, “We’ll never be able to realize our dreams without each other.” This book really teaches you a lot about the value of having a friend, and how much you need each other, especially when you’re working on a major fashion project that can get you any scholarship you want in the fashion world!

This book does not only teach you about friendship, but betrayal too. Imogene can never know who she can trust with Shiela Hicks representing her, as well as her arch nemesis, Brooke! Imogene finds herself realizing this a lot, “I should have known better than to tell her anything!” After several scripts written in preparation for the movie, Imogene’s so called “friend,” Mia, decides to stab her in the back by copying her life and stealing her movie.Plus, movie star Dustin is “in love” with Imogene, just to get the juicy feed about her boyfriend, Paolo, so he can accurately play the role of him in her movie. Poor Imogene, faced with the curse of so much betrayal! If you want to find out how Imogene hurdles over these many obstacles, you”ll have to read this book!

You will  learn a lot from this book, and you”ll really enjoy it! Accidentally Fabulous is a phenomenal novel that you should definitely read!

-Rhea S., 7th grade

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