Book vs. Movie: Ella Enchanted

ella_enchanted_bookmovieIn our opinion, Ella Enchanted, the Newbery Honor book by Gail Carson Levine, is much better than the movie. The book is very detailed whereas the movie just gives the big idea. In the book, Ella went to finishing school, which was a big part, and was sadly left out of the movie. In the book, she knew and learned a lot of different languages, whereas in the movie, she only spoke one or two. A lot of the main ideas of the book were not included in the movie, but this is only expected. In the book, there were challenges with her obedience gift, like the movie. (But the ones in the book were better.) The movie included many sarcastic remarks, which takes away a bit of the fairytale touch of the story.

The near ending of the book copied the main storyline of Cinderella. Also, Ella had a mean stepmother and stepsisters just like Cinderella. If we could change one thing about the book, it would be that Gail Carson Levine used more of her own creativity, rather than the story of Cinderella. But Ella Enchanted is a very good book.

If we could change one thing about the movie to make it more like the book, it would be for there to be the letter abundance between Ella and Prince Char. They were major emotional parts left out of the movie.

We would say that Ella Enchanted the movie is good, but doesn’t follow the amazing book storyline as well as it could. Ella Enchanted was definitely a book that we could never put down unless we had to! It was fairytale about love, magic, and perseverance. A truly good read for all ages!

-Danielle L. & guest blogger Marissa M., 6th grade

1 thought on “Book vs. Movie: Ella Enchanted

  1. I agree that the movie did leave out some very important details. I was disappointed that Ella and Char didn’t write to each other in the movie. It really shows how strong their friendship is.

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