Story Poem: One Tale of Pirates and Others

One Tale of Pirates and Others

The cold wind blew as the stars came out;
The blue shining waves tossed about.
The full moon glowed as many clouds went past;
The moon’s light went up a tall ship’s mast. 

On the ship’s mast flew Davey Jones’s banner;
The ship’s side had the name Pirate Manor.
Onto the ship deck, rum boxes were had;
Soon the entire ship’s crew became drunk and mad. 

The captain ordered the bobbing ship to land,
While the men held rum in their hand.
The ship stopped at an empty, deserted beach;
Pirates clambered off and for another bottle they reached. 

The seven pirates were ordered to gather lots of wood.
They built a fire to help liven up the mood.
The other pirates sat as they lit a blazing fire.
Soon the burning fire became increasingly higher. 

One of the pirates had a rather interesting thought,
And stood up and began to sing a song as the rest talk.
The pirates began to sing along to the song
Soon they began to dance all night long.

While pirates crazily danced on the now noisy shore,
They also continued to sing their terrible never-ending lore.
Two teenage boys and two teenage girls looked on sternly
And they stood in a quiet forest that was ferny. 

The oldest a black-headed boy nodded to the rest
For now it was time to end the pirate’s fest.
The other three whispered, “Yes, Ling, sir.”
The youngest of the four, a girl, added, “Time to remove the filthy cur.” 

The four crept closer with weapons gripped tight.
Suddenly one of the pirates dragged up another box with all his might.
Out from the box came more bottles of rum
Every man drank and began to eat plums 

“What a bother,” complained the second youngest, a red-headed boy.
Alphonse, my friend,” stated Ling, “this is something that provides another ploy.”
“He is right, it gives us another plan,” replied the second oldest who was a silver-haired girl.
“Yin and Rowan, I agree with,” added the youngest, “This provides a chance like finding a pearl.

Alphonse nodded with a great big sigh,
“Your plan is better than fighting through those big guys.”
Rowan stated, “Sleeping drugs
Will be placed inside the jugs.”

Rowan gave Yin a filled glass flask.
“So I entrust you this important task.”
Yin once nodded her head.
“I will do it correctly and safely,” she said. 

“Good Luck,” said the youngest of them all.
Yin responded, “Yuki if there is trouble, give me a call.”
Yin crept close to the box
Then poured into bottle after bottle as quickly as a fox. 

The pirates drank lots more.
And one by one they began to fall then snore.
The four teenagers looked passed them as they continued to sleep.
And onto the ship they leaped. 

The four went under the deck tapping on every cabin door
Until they found what they were looking for.
In that cabin they found their friend that had been gone
Cause he was taken to become a pawn.

Yin quietly knocked on the door until they heard someone talk
Yuki then picked opened the door lock,
Alphonse pushed open the door
A brown-haired boy lay tied up on the floor.

Ling kneeled by his side and gently untied him.
The boy woke up and gave a grim grin.
“Time to go?” the boy asked.
“Yes, Royal,” Ling said as he helped him up fast.

All five of them climbed onto the up most deck
And there they met the clear-minded captain that turned his neck.
“My, my some escapees,” he scowled.
Yin, Yuki, and Royal just growled.

Ling ran up to the captain and jumped on his back
The captain started to thrash around trying to remove his pack.
The others safely run to the quiet sand.
Then Ling jumped off and darted to dry land.

The captain raced from the deck and down the plank.
The other pirates lay on the shore with faces blank.
The pirate captain called as he swayed on, “We are not yet done.
There are still matters that need be finished, son.”

 The five teens raced to the forest edge.
“We are done,” Ling alleged.
They faced the captain and grins they displayed
The five turned and disappeared in the forest’s shade.

 The five teens soon returned safely home
And soon started again to roam.
They led a wondrous life
And they did not have much strife.

 Meanwhile the drugged pirates woke
To find their captain having a smoke.
The pirates returned to the sea
And continued to sail with much glee.

 Both of them went their separate ways
And soon forgot those days.
They lived on their days in glory.
And this is the end of the story.

-Sarah J., 8th grade

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