Book Review: Lawless, by Jeffrey Salane

lawless_coverJeffrey Salane’s new book, Lawless, details the life of M, a 12 year old girl who attends school, just like anyone else. Except that it’s the Lawless School, a secret boarding school dedicated to teaching future generations the skills to become criminal masterminds. As soon as she joins, it becomes apparent that her parents already had high expectations. M excels in all of her classes, from escape tactics to hacking. Slowly, she begins piecing together the mystery of her father’s death.

Lawless is a very fast-paced book. Right from the start, Salane continually gives us a nonstop thread of action. Much of the book is humorous and exciting. Also, the storyline is very interesting because of some real life events and artworks weaved in. Although I would have liked to see a bit more plot development before diving in, the story is still extremely creative and mysterious.

What I think Jeffrey Salane did best was helping the readers connect with the protagonist, M. Right from the start, we can already see that M is an intelligent, reserved, yet bold girl who thinks on the spot. This makes us imagine if we were in M’s shoes, as she struggles to adapt to a school of friends, teachers, and enemies on her path to self discovery.

Everything considered, Lawless is a fun book with a cool concept that will surely entertain you. Once you’ve finished, know that a second and third book are due to come out soon!

-Phillip X., 8th grade

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