Introducing the Goosebumps Series, by R.L. Stine

The Goosebumps series has been extremely popular with many kids. I personally did not read them until very recently. I have read thereof,The Horror at Camp Jellyjam, The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb, and Monster Blood III and I was expecting them all to be the same. I was wrong! Each of them had their own unique plot. I started one, and when I stopped, I realized I was already on page 56! Then I discovered that Goosebumps was a great series I could read over the summer.

H243_SCH_GB33HorrorCamp_0.tifThe Horror at Camp Jellyjam is a book about two siblings named Wendy and Elliot. They are on a road trip with their parents and they are in their trailer, which is connected to the back of their parents’ car. After a while they realize that they became unattached from their car. Their trailer rolls down a hill into the woods and in the woods, and in the woods Wendy and Elliot discover a sports camp. After a while in camp, Wendy gets suspicious of the weird behavior of the camp counselors. She notices kids disappearing around camp. Wendy realizes she needs to find her parents and read the book to find out the REAL secret of Camp Jellyjam.

H225_SCH_GB5Mummys_0.tifThe least favorite book I read in the series was The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb. It is about a boy named Gabe and he is spending his winter vacation in Egypt, visiting the Pyramids. He is with his annoying cousin and his uncle, Ben, who is a famous archeologist. Gabe’s uncle has recently discovered something new in a pyramid. When Gabe comes with him and his cousin, he gets lost and discovers a weird room with many mummies. Then Gabe hears something and realizes he is not alone. I did not like it very much because the plot was a bit boring and predicable, but the beginning was okay.

monster_bloodMy favorite book of the three was Monster Blood III. The main character of the story is Evan. Evan has the job of babysitting his younger cousin, Kermit after school. Kermit is an unusual kid who likes to lock himself in the basement and do weird science experiments. Kermit loves to play mean jokes on Evan and his best friend Andy. He and Andy decide to use monster blood. Monster blood is a dangerous substance that makes the consumer bigger and bigger. Evan has had a horrible experience with monster blood and is reluctant to use it at first, but gives in later. The “revenge” for Kermit turns out all wrong and Evan accidently eats monster blood.  He is terrified and… well, read the rest of the book to find out if he is okay (or not).

-Anmol K., 7th grade

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