Book Review: All-American Girl, by Meg Cabot

Top 10 reasons why people would love to read All-American Girl:
10. Samantha Madison, the main character, always does a “Top 10 reasons” explanation every couple chapters, which explain Sam’s problems in a clear and easy to read way.
9.Smart people and fans of National Geographic would like Rebecca, Sam’s twelve year-old genius sister, who has watched every episode of National Geographic.
8. Fashion lovers would want more of Lucy, Sam’s popular seventeen year-old sister.
7. Art lovers would adore Sam’s art school, friends who enjoy art, and the art competition Sam has to judge.
6. Girls looking for a romantic comedy would laugh and enjoy the romance story between Sam and a very comical yet attractive boy named David.
5. Teenagers with sibling problems would understand the crazy problems that Sam has to deal with because of Lucy and Rebecca.
4. Fans of the band No Doubt and Gwen Stefani would be thrilled that Sam is a fellow fan, too.
3. Citizens of America who are fans of the White House would be dazzled by the little-seen places of the President’s home.
2. Readers would love the comedy that Sam uses. For example, she gets invited to the White House for dinner and flushed her whole dinner down the toilet because she was a picky eater. Later, she ended up thinking that the next day’s headline would say something like this: MOST FAMOUS GIRL OF THE CENTURY CAUSES WHITE
1. Meg Cabot, the author, teaches a very important lesson that’s true for everyone.
What else would readers like about the realistic fiction book All-American Girl? Well, they would like Sam because:
  • She saves the President’s life, fascinating Americans with her loyalty and bravery
  • She teaches an important lesson that we should learn. Earlier, Sam always thought that it would great to be someone else, such as her favorite singer, Gwen Stefani, but she’s says in the end that “the number one reason I’m glad I’m not Gwen Stefani: 1. Because then I won’t be me” (Cabot 398).
Boys should be warned that since the main character is a fifteen-year-old girl born between two more girls, Sam isn’t aware that boys might read her story and openly talks about girl stuff, such as a girl’s private areas. Also readers should not do everything Sam does because she’s in love with her sister’s boyfriend and doesn’t pay attention in German class.
However, she proves that anybody can be a hero can be a hero, even a girl who mourns for the generation by wearing black and draws celebrity pictures in German class.
-Megan V., 8th grade

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