Book Review: Teardrop, by Lauren Kate

Whenever I pick up a book with a gripping plot, action-packed adventure, and a swirl of romance, I feel like I’m in book heaven. That’s why I thought Teardrop (which is set to be published on October 22) would be an excellent book. Unfortunately, it fell short of my expectations.

Teardrop centers around a seventeen-year-old girl named Eureka who hasn’t cried since she was nine years old. When her mother dies in a car accident, Eureka turns emotionally unstable and suicidal. She misses her mother terribly and her only comfort is her best friend, Brooks. All she has to remember her mother by is a locket that is rusted shut, a special waterproof rock called a thunderstone, and a book written in an indecipherable language.

Eureka is followed by a mysterious blond enigma named Ander. He tells her that she is in danger. She decides to get her book translated by a woman who identifies the book to be about the lost island of Atlantis. The story tells of a heartbroken girl who cried until Atlantis was underwater. Eureka finds that the story is strangely relatable to her own life. To add to the unfolding mystery, Brooks begins to act hostile towards Eureka.

The puzzle pieces only begin to fit together after Eureka and Brooks suffer a near death experience and Brooks vanishes. Ander finds and tells her that she has the power to raise Atlantis with her tears. He also tells her that a previous inhabitant of Atlantis has possessed Brooks. Eureka is faced with life-changing choices as she is confronted and attacked by the Seedbearers, who will stop at nothing to keep Atlantis from rising again.

Although the idea of this book was extremely intriguing, I don’t think it was carried out very well. The plot launched into several promising directions, but didn’t follow through with most of them. However, there are a few pleasant qualities of this book. The characters are all very realistic, and the romance is electric. But the author spends too much time with minute details, and the bulk of the action is shortened to a few pages at the end of the book.

After reading Lauren Kate’s fantastic Fallen series, I expected Teardrop to be stellar as well. Admittedly, I may have set the bar too high. While Teardrop was only an adequate read, the rest of the series has great potential.

-Rabani S., 9th grade

This review was based on an advance reader’s copy generously provided by the publisher.

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