Book Review: Wonder, by R.J. Palacio

wonder_coverThe book Wonder was truly beautiful, wonderous, and inspiring. It is a realistic fiction about a 5th grade boy going into real school for the first time. This boy has really severe facial deformities and he has had to have tons of surgery. He feels like a normal kid, but to everyone else he has the “Plague,”¬†he looks like a zombie, and other cruel things. When the popular kids gang up on him and he hears his best friend talking about him behind his back, he just deals with it, because “the universe was not kind to [him]. He knows that he is “cool beans.”

Even if you think this book will be, as my friend put it, “another one of those depressing books about kids dealing with bullies in school,” or have something against 5th graders– read it. Everyone must read it. I swear, if you read this book, you will never, ever in your life, look at someone with a facial deformity, wince, and look away. Another good book to read that is more depressing is called Out Of My Mind. I would check Wonder out of the library immediately (I have it checked out right now at my school library). Wonder will change your whole life.

-Becka O., 9th grade

1 thought on “Book Review: Wonder, by R.J. Palacio

  1. I was actually at the book store the other day when I picked this up and started to read it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to purchase it, or pick it up at the library later (yet), but I think I will now go and pick up the book to read after reading your review. Thank you for re-sparking my interest! Your review is very well written and argues the point well, that it is a book that will change your life after reading!
    -Sophia U.

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