Book Review: Black City, by Elizabeth Richards

black_city_coverI absolutely love this book! Richards portrays two teens who have hated each other at first sight. Natalie Buchanan is the daughter of the Emissary and a human. Ash Fisher is a half-blood darkling who just about thinks only of himself and is a complete jerk to everyone. In the United States Sentry, huge tension is present between the two races as well as a huge wall that separates the two communities.

All Ash has ever known is the cold stillness of his never-beating heart, when one day his heart starts to boom in his chest. Natalie then finds herself swept off her feet and in love with last person she wanted to be with, and the two find an amazing discovery: they are soul mates and have fallen in love. The struggle to pretend their hate for each other becomes difficult each day because all they want to do is be together.

War soon starts to break out among the two races as they struggle to survive. A disease called the Wrath has fallen upon the darklings who are spreading it to the humans through haze dealing. As the two put aside their differences and fight to unite the races Ash and Natalie soon realize that they have just put their lives on the line. Will they be able to save their people or not?

You are just going to have to read it to find out. When I started reading, it was as if my eyes were glued to the pages. I just couldn’t put the book down and I hope it does the same for you. Enjoy reading Black City everyone!

-Christina B., 7th grade

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Black City, by Elizabeth Richards

  1. This book was quite intriguing. You really went deep into the plot and summarized it into words that others would be interested with.

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