Book Review: Box Out, by John Coy

0-439-87032-1This book review is part of series of reviews written by students at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School for their 7th grade English classes.

Have you ever read a book that inspired you so that you felt that the character was really doing well and making good choices? If you have never ever felt that feeling, the book Box Out should be your next reading destination. This book was very interesting –  it had many surprises and problems that were complex and fun to read about.

In the book the main character was a high schooler named Liam who is a sophomore at Horizon High School. He is very passionate about basketball and is recruited onto the varsity men’s basketball team because of the hard work and supremacy he showed in the JV division. His dad is proud and Liam is happy, but they won’t be for long. He later is bothered by something that the coach does before and after games. He is eventually kicked off the team. Read this book to find out why Liam gave up playing varsity during his sophomore year. Also, after Liam was kicked off the varsity team, he practiced with the girls’ team by his own decision – find out why by reading the book. I believe that this book has a lot of suspense and adds excitement with important choices the characters have to make. Also, John Coy put a lot of character and made each character different, which made the book more interesting in my opinion.

In the book Box Out some themes are courage, perseverance and hard work. Liam works very hard day in and day out  practicing his skills. He in the end succeeds. That is one of the biggest things I admire about him. Also, the author makes  Liam  look like a very  sad child. The author almost never gave any humor to him. Liam was always quiet, and I believe that is what helped him solve his problem with the coach, although the price was that he would be kicked of varsity. Although Liam was bullied and  ignored at times he never stopped  playing basketball. Even after varsity he shot around and honed his skills.

Here some quotes that clearly describe some characters in the book. On page 157, Darius Buckner a kid from Detroit who was a very skilled basketball player, also kicked off varsity said, “I’m glad  someone is finally able to do the right thing  and stand up to  coach.” I believe since that he was racially discriminated against, he was finally happy that someone would finally do the right thing and not listen to coach.  On page 145 Liam said, ” Although I am off the team I will not stop working.” I believe  that is inspiring and  shows  that he is the never give up kind of guy. That really describes Liam and his will to never quit. Overall, this book was worth reading, because of the suspense and decision making. If you are looking for a quick sports-drama, read Box Out – it would be a great pick for you.

-David C., 7th grade

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