Book vs. Movie: The Host

host_bookvmovieIf you lost everything, including your family, what would you do? If aliens came down and took over your planet, how would you survive?

Melanie Stryder thought she was alone, but she wasn’t. She had lived with her little brother, Jamie, since the invasion started. Soon after, she found another survivor, Jared Howe. It was hard to provide them with food and water, but she now had help. One night, Melanie went too far to get supplies, and she ended up risking it all. She had to escape the Souls who tried to take her. She decided to jump out a window, but only to be caught, after she landed.

Melanie woke up and found out what happened to her. Someone else was in her mind! Wanderer was the alien soul’s name. Both of them hated each other. When Melanie thought something, Wanda (her new nickname) had to tell the Seeker. Mel didn’t want Wanda to talk about Jamie, so she made Wanda run away. Mel formed a plan to find her family in the desert, but on the way, they ran into trouble. Their car broke down, and they ran out of water. Then, everything went black. They woke up to find someone giving them water. Mel recognized the face at once. It was her uncle! He led them to his cave and revealed a huge number of humans still alive! The only problem was that they didn’t like her because she was a Soul. They thought she was trying to lead the other Souls to them. Will they ever accept her?

I thought the book was better than the movie because the characters weren’t the same. Melanie and Jamie had such a strong relationship in the book, but in the movie, they barely saw each other. Also, when the author described the appearances of some characters, they didn’t look at all the same. Ian and Kyle were supposed to be identical twins, but in the movie, they looked very different. The book definitely got into more detail and really showed the characters’ feelings.

Do you like the movie better or the book better? I’d love to hear what your opinions are in the comments!

-Sabrina C., 8th grade

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