Book Review: The Magic Thief, by Sarah Prineas

magic_thief_coverThe Magic Thief is one of my all-time favorite books. It really keeps me hooked. I recommended it to both my mom and my dad, and when they read it, they liked it too! As you can clearly see, this is a good book for all ages, though I think that it is geared more towards readers in their teens.

The story opens with the introduction of a young thief named Connwaer. He sees a man in the streets, and pickpockets him. What he gets is a wizard’s locus magicalicus, a special stone that lets a wizard use magic. The stone begins to glow brightly, and the man who we now know as a wizard comes back and invites Conn to dinner. While at the dinner table The wizard, whose name is Nevery, tells Conn that his locus magicalicus will probably kill him. Suddenly, the stone becomes cold and heavy and begins to pull Conn into a dark hole. Nevery asks Conn what his name is, and then shouts a spell that saves Conn from certain death. Nevery says he is interested in Conn because his locus magicalicus didn’t kill him right away, and takes him in as his apprentice.

This is only the first book in a trilogy. The second book is The Magic Thief: Lost and the third book is The Magic Thief: Found. Those books are just as good, maybe even better than this one. I love this series a lot and I believe that if you read it, you will love it too. There are currently three copies in the Mission Viejo Library; I recommend that you place a hold or pick up a copy and read.

-Linna C., 7th grade

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