Manga Review: Kitchen Princess, by Natsumi Ando

kitchen_princessFans of food and want to cooks: here is the perfect book series for you! Kitchen Princess is a comical manga (Japanese comic book) that will warm peoples’ hearts for generations to come.Imagine that there’s a recipe for a realistic fiction book. The main ingredient in the recipe calls for a really famous private school in Japan that has a special class full of talented people. Some really important side ingredients are two cute brothers, one named Daichi who keeps trying to ignore his relationship with the school, and the other named Sora, who is loathed by his brother and loved by most of the girls in the school. The next ingredient is a model named Akane, who is jealous of the main girl because of all the attention she gets. Finally, there is a special ingredient that changes all of the other ingredients. Its description is of a middle school orphan from Hokkaido named Najika, who is the best cook ever, loves to eat, tries to make new friends and find the “flan prince who saved her life, gave her some flan and a spoon with a certain symbol on it.

At the end of each book of the ten book series, Najika gives a recipe of each dish that was mentioned in each current book. However, despite the title, boys might actually like this series because it can teach them for future references what girls like and hate.
Readers should note that in Kitchen Princess, there is bullying, one scene where the guy has his shirt off, a kiss on the lips twice, a time where two people die near the middle of the series, and depression. Because of all those reasons, I would recommend this series to people 13 and up.

Although the hardships are tough, Najika and her friends learn some lessons and also teach them to others, such as when Najika tells everyone in the school that they shouldn’t make fun of someone when they do something weird for an unreasonable reason.

-Megan V., 8th grade

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