Book Review: Ostrich Boys, by Keith Gray

ostrich_boys_coverWhen their best friend, Ross, accidentally bikes in the path of an oncoming car and gets hit, Blake, Kenny, and Sim are devastated. At Ross’ memorial service, when no one seems to be incredibly sad, Blake, Kenny and Sim become angry; first spraying graffiti on their History Teacher’s house, and then another classmate’s house, in retribution for the way those people had treated Ross in life. Now, the three boys turn off their cell phones, steal Ross’ ashes, run and the story’s narrative is set.

In Ostrich Boys, by Keith Gray, the three protagonists start from their hometown in England, and escape from their parents, taking Ross’ ashes with them to give Ross a proper burial in Ross, Scotland. On their journey, the boys learn how to accept each other, and experience many heart pounding and exciting moments, only to find the FBI looking for them, and to uncover a shocking truth.

Ostrich Boys is one of those books you will want to read just by glancing at the front cover and title. Although this book is not on the popular radar, I would definitely recommend it. However, this book is probably only for teens 13 or 14 and older. Ostrich Boys is a find and one you will likely enjoy.

-Will R., 9th grade

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