Book Review: The Fantastic Family Whipple, by Matthew Ward

fantastic_family_whipple_coverIn his first novel, The Fantastic Family Whipple, Matthew Ward writes about the most record-breaking family on Earth. The Whipple family, from father Charlie Whipple to young baby Ivy Whipple, has broken all sorts of world records. Except for twelve-year-old Arthur Whipple, who the main protagonist of the story, has not broken any world records. Rather shocking, for the rest of the Whipple family.

All fifteen members of the Whipple Family, except for Arthur (born on the 29th February), are all born on March first. The Whipple family celebrates their birthdays together and throw a huge party.

While cutting the World’s Biggest Birthday Cake, the cake starts collapsing, lighting the party venue on fire and nearly crushing the Whipple Family. During the party, Arthur sees two clowns. Their appearance is unusual because one is rather tall and the other rather small. Arthur pins them down as suspects of the cake collapsing.

Is Arthur’s instinct right? Will someone be able to catch the person(s) responsible for this? Read this realistic fiction book to find out who is the master of this crime.

The Fantastic Family Whipple is an amazing, entertaining book to read. It had a unique storyline that can be enjoyed by any age. I liked the fact that anyone could relate to Arthur because he was attempting to break a world record. The ending was a bit disappointing, but it was okay. All in all, this book is for anybody who wishes to break a world record. If you enjoy this book, watch out for the sequel coming fall 2014.

-Anmol K., 7th grade

1 thought on “Book Review: The Fantastic Family Whipple, by Matthew Ward

  1. This sounds like a very great book. I have a feeling that it would leave a heart-warming message in the readers. I can’t wait to read it! Maybe your “unsatisfying ending” can be resolved in the sequel.

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