Book Review: My Brother is a Big Fat Liar, by James Patterson

my_brother_coverGeorgia Khatchadorian’s big brother Rafe had a knack for getting into trouble, and when she attends the same school that he did, everyone thinks that she is just like him! Georgia has her mind on proving them wrong, but it is not going to be easy. With the constant threats of Mini Miller and the Princesses, it is going to be pretty hard to get things done. There are also other things thrown into the mix to make things even harder, like dances and teachers that get angry just hearing the word “Khatchadorian.”

This hilarious book by James Patterson is a companion to the Middle School series. Showing previous characters from the series in a different light, and introducing new ones, in my opinion, the cast of characters is just perfect. There is Rafe, who from Georgia’s point of view is absolutely evil, Mini-Miller, who is trying to get revenge on behalf of his big brother, Miller (read Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life) and Missy Trillin and the Princess Patrol, who try to make Georgia’s life as terrible as possible.

There are also people who try to help Georgia, though. Some of these characters include Sam, who is kind if like Georgia’s first crush, Rhonda, who is dangerous in a good way, and Jeanne, who isn’t as bad as Georgia first thought she was.

Feeling down, looking for a good laugh, or simply have extra time on your hands? Read this book. You’ll probably bust your guts out laughing.

-Linna C., 7th grade

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