Book Review and Playlist: This Book is Not Good For You by Pseudonymous Bosch

this_book_not_good_for_youWhenever you are reading a book, do you think of a song that represents the mood?  Then later, when you hear that song, does it evoke memories from that segment of the story?  I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

As the third book of this secretive series begins, the narrator puts a twist of his own likings in the book about chocolate tasting.  The three heroes, Max-Ernest, Cassandra (Cass for short), and YoYoji, wander into a zoo suspected to be run by the Midnight Sun and meet a master chocolate chef who was really working for the Midnight Sun.  Then they escape with an unusual person with them, Cass’s mother.  (She had been captured by the Midnight Sun earlier in the story.)  Like all of the others in this series, this book was fantastic.

One part of the story was significant  to me.  That part was when Cass, Max-Ernest and YoYoji freed the orphans from the Midnight Sun.  Then a song popped up in my head… Born Free!  This song perfectly sets the mood as the children run everywhere in the movie.  I would summarize this book as a tasteful adventure, literally!  This book was about tasting and the sense of the mouth, and it was an adventure, not to mention a great adventure between three heroine/heroes, Max-Ernest, YoYoji, and Cass.

At the end of the 10 out of 10 movie, I picture the song “Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore” by Phil Collins.  I envision the credits rolling by with that last scene of Cass and her Mother hugging yet Cass’s friends are in the distance.

See my reviews of the first two books in this series here and here, and don’t forget to comment and share the music you hear below!

-Maya S., 6th grade

6th Grade

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