Book Review: Struck by Lightning, by Chris Colfer

struck_by_lightning_coverIn the recently released book Struck by Lightning by Chris Colfer, high school senior Carson Phillips has big dreams, unlike others in the small town of Clover. Carson wants to attend Northwestern University and, then become a journalist for the New York Times. There is one problem: Carson has not yet gotten accepted into Northwestern yet.

In the book, Carson, along with maintaining the school newspaper and his writers club, needs to submit a literary magazine in order to get into his dream school. However, nobody in the high school likes Carson, or writing, and the only way Carson can get people to submit papers for his magazine is to blackmail students in his high school.

This book follows the storyline of a boy who struggles with life; both in school (with his college challenge)and outside of school (with his grandmother who has Alzheimer’s, his only parent mother who is a dysfunctional alcoholic, and his father, whom he never sees).

This book is well written and very engrossing. I literally picked it up and did not put it down until I had finished. This is a read for both boys and girls; however, I would recommend it to people who are at least 14. This a great new book that should be on every teen’s 2014 reading list.

-Will R., 9th grade

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