Manga Review: Ultra Maniac, vol. 1, by Wataru Yoshizumi

ultra_maniac_coverCool Ayu Tateishi is a popular girl who everybody wants to be like. But all that is about to change when she meets Nina Sakura. This seemingly normal girl isn’t all she looks to be. She’s a witch. Or rather, a witch that got flunked out of magic school and came to Earth to study abroad.

Nina decides to reveal her secret to Ayu, and decides to help Ayu with her magic as much as she can. Unfortunately, this results in disaster for poor Ayu.

This series follows Nina and friends on their countless misadventures. Other characters include Tetsushi Kaji, Ayu’s boyfriend, and Hiroki Tsujiai, who soon finds out Nina’s secret. There is also an anime for the series, and there are some manga-exclusive characters and some anime-exclusive characters. The plot and storyline are probably slightly different in the anime as to the manga.

I really think that this series is flat-out great. It seems a bit childish at times, but when those times pass, the story is great. Even though it is a shojo manga, there are some action-packed tidbits. This series is yet another one of those books that is there to make you laugh. Even though the title sounds a little stupid (I thought that at first too), take a look inside. As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover!

-Linna C., 7th grade

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