Book Review: Fahreinheit 451, by Ray Bradbury

fahrenheit451_coverFahrenheit 451: the temperature at which books burn. Books: the very objects that cause all the evil in this world.

This is what Guy Morgan used to think whenever he was out his job as a fireman, which was to burn books. However, that all changed when a girl started asking questions that didn’t matter to him before. Soon, he starts seeing things questionable, such as killing a woman who wanted to die with her books.

Through master science fiction writer Ray Bradbury comes a story from the 1940s of a world that is set in our timeline and would stir up an internal “fire” in the heart of book lovers anywhere.

Even though Fahrenheit 451 is a very old book, it can be very appealing to teenagers. For example, one of the characters gets you to look at objects through a different perspective. Secondly, there is action, where the main character is in a rush to run, hide, or just get something that can save his life.

Whether you are a fantasy fan or an action lover, Fahrenheit 451 is a book that you would treasure for the years to come, especially since one of the characters says something that I personally would never forget as a book lover:
“[M]agic is only in what books say, how they stitched the patches of the universe together into one garmet for us.” Dr. Faber page 83

Megan V.

Eighth Grade

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