Book Review: Magyk, by Angie Sage

magyk_coverLooking for a new fantasy novel? Magyk by Angie Sage is the beginning to an amazing series that rivals Harry Potter. Like your other favorites, it includes magic, wizards, evil and a perfect touch of humor.

In a peaceful castle, the queen gives birth to a baby girl with violet eyes. An assassin breaks in to assassinate the two, but fails to kill the infant princess, who is spirited out of the castle. Meanwhile, the Heap family of wizards welcomes their seventh son. Pronounced dead, baby Septimus Heap is taken away in the night. Soon after, Silas Heap, the father, adopts an infant abandoned in the snow (hmm). Ten years later, an assassin returns to finish the job, forcing the princess, Silas, the ExtraExtraordinary Wizard, and some others to flee the area. They seek refuge in the forest, evading the Hunter. What will happen? As we like to say, find out!

This book is particularly interesting because it doesn’t have one specific main character. Sage follows the thoughts of multiple characters throughout the book. In fact, it even details the lives of the antagonists, including the Hunter and evil necromancer. In this way, Magyk is a very unique and creative book. We even get the novelty of exploring the life of a millipede. Sounds like your kind of book? Light humor is mixed into the storyline, so that you can laugh out loud every once in a while. The entire story is written in a lighthearted tone, so it feels very casual and fun to read.

For a veteran reader of fantasy novels, this book will be especially delightful. It’s not difficult to read, yet interesting enough to keep the reader engaged. There are several more books in the series for you to enjoy, so get started quickly. We know there are lots of wizard books out there, but Magyk is one of the most unique and fun to read.

-Phillip X., 8th grade

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