Book Review: Goodbye, Rebel Blue by Shelley Coriell

goodbye_rebel_blueRebecca Blue, more commonly referred to as Rebel, is a loner. She is always in search of sea glass, dyes her hair blue, prefers not to wear shoes, and has a necklace made of shark teeth. She’s the kind of girl who gets detention. Once there, Rebel writes a bucket list alongside Kennedy Green, a perky girl going out of her way to be kind to everyone.

Rebel doesn’t believe they have anything in common, despite what their colorful last names might suggest. She might have forgotten their conversation completely… if Kennedy hadn’t died shortly thereafter. After several failed attempts to get rid of a dead girl’s bucket list, Rebel takes it upon herself to complete the final goals and aspirations of a do-gooder. Things she would never consider doing before.

What Rebel doesn’t expect was that the bucket list would change her. She discovers that she isn’t as alone as she once thought. Her aunt and uncle, her track star cousin, her pie baking friend, and maybe even that boy from the volunteer group– her whole perspective on life is turned upside down when she has to ask for help from these people, seeing the world a little more fully. Eventually, she finds the courage to follow her own dreams as well as Kennedy’s.

Rebel is a cool character and very true to herself. Even though she will never be “normal,” Rebel is more than the screw-up everyone thinks she is. She isn’t afraid to tell anyone how she feels, which gets her into some pretty laugh-out-loud situations. The story gets deeper further into the story, but it’s mostly about how helping others helps Rebel find herself. If you want a light, comical read, go ahead and give this book a try.

-Nicole G., 10th grade

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