Book Review: Revenge of the Witch, by Joseph Delaney

last_apprenticeCould you imagine if you had the job of warding off evil creatures from villages?

You would be an outsider that no one talked to, you would never share your information with anyone, and you would have to put up with witches and boggarts and all sorts of nasty creatures. This is why Tom is rethinking the whole idea of becoming the Spook’s apprentice. Also, there is another catch. The Spook’s last apprentice died.

I, for one, would probably run away from that decision. But in being the seventh son of a seventh son, Tom is sort of pushed into the position.

Right off the bat, Tom is hurled headfirst into an adventure of teaching from the mysterious Spook, trickery from a girl with pointy shoes, and travel as he tries to navigate his way through the land to find the witches. This could be enough to give anyone chills and it certainly did for me.

Throughout his journey, he actually meets some friends, and he still has his family to go back to. Although now they are not so sure, because the spirit of a witch Tom had killed came back and possessed the butcher who then almost killed a week old baby. Tom’s family only wants to see Tom in the daytime now, which is kind of sad if you think about it.

The book overall was very good and I can’t wait to read the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and… you get the point. The only thing to watch out for is this: on the back of this book, it says, “Warning: Don’t Read after Dark Especially Page 148.”

If anyone has read this book, leave a comment about what you thought!

-Kyle H., 7th grade

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