We Need Diverse Books

When you’re looking for your next read, do you like to read about someone just like you, who’s going through the same things you’re experiencing? Or do you like to read about someone totally different, in a part of the world you’ve never seen? Either way is valid. It’s important to have a variety of books on the shelves so all readers can see themselves represented, or learn about something new.

But did you know that out of 3,200 books for young people published last year, only 93 of them were about black people? 69 books were written about Asians or Asian-Americans, 57 about Latinos, and only 34 about Native Americans. Does that seem right to you? (See the full study at the Cooperative Children’s Book Center.)

There’s a grassroots campaign happening to bring awareness of the lack of diversity in youth literature, and we here at the Mission Viejo Library Teen Voice are throwing in our support. We need diverse books!  

Please click to enlarge the following photos and read what our teen bloggers have to say.


Wenqing Z., 11th grade


Nicole G., 10th grade


Allison Tran, Teen Services Librarian

And sometimes, we need the simple wisdom of Success Kid…


2 thoughts on “We Need Diverse Books

  1. I’ve never actually thought about this!! This post brought this topic to my attention.

    My favorite book in the history of ever is The Lions of Little Rock (I did a review on it as well as a comparison with a similar book by the same author) by Kristen Levine. It’s about a black and white friendship in the segregation, and I love the book so much. It features real events, and the whole book is very realistic.

    What I’m trying to say is, we need diverse books because they’re my favorite kind of books!! (This is a valid reason because if there are more like me who love diverse books, the book world gets more money and such.)

  2. I completely agree with this and really hope that soon we will be able to enjoy books with more diversity. I think it’s important for readers to have these kind of books since it really makes a major impact on both readers and society.

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