Book Review: Looking for Alaska, by John Green

looking_for_alaskaIn the novel Looking For Alaska by John Green, you learn the true lesson of always looking out for your friends.

A boy named Miles leaves his boring life in Florida to seek his Great Perhaps. He decides that to do so he must go to boarding school. When he gets there, he meets his roommate the Colonel. The Colonel introduces Miles- who is now nicknamed Pudge- to a girl named Alaska. Pudge describes Alaska as the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life.

Pudge and Alaska spend a lot of time together and go through great adventures. Alaska has a lot going on in her life and one night she storms off and gets in a car accident. After the accident, Pudge and the Colonel go through great efforts to try and figure out what happened to her that night.

By the end of the book, Pudge believes that he has found his Great Perhaps. In this book, you capture the message to hang on to every moment and to always make every moment count. Pudge and the Colonel embrace that message after the accident. I would recommend this book to anyone above the age of 13. In the end, this was a great book and it was heart-warming.

-Melika R., 8th grade

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