Book Review: Ink, by Amanda Sun

inkI know I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I couldn’t help it when I saw Ink. The cover was gorgeous as well as the story within about an American girl in Japan who sees a mysterious boy’s sketches move and discovers that she too is connected to the ink.

Meet Katie Greene: your average American teenager. Except she’s living in Japan with her aunt after her mother’s death. Struggling to learn the language and customs, Katie forgets to change out of her school sandals. When retrieving the correct shoes, she overhears a breakup where a boy is accused of cheating with another girl, a sketch of her as proof. It isn’t merely his deep eyes or that he lied when her told his soon-to-be ex that she meant nothing to him that has Katie fascinated. It’s the part where she saw his sketch move and look straight at her.

Katie learns more about the boy, Tomohiro (through various means of stalking), but the more she knows, the more secrets he seems to be hiding. Why did he quit Calligraphy if he is so talented? Why does he pretend to be cold and continually warn her away from him? Why does it look like his sketches are moving? And why, despite all this, is she (possibly) falling for him?

I loved the little sketches within the book. Some were little animations in the corner from turning the pages, while others were full page masterpieces that all tied into the plot. Just look at this.


Another part I enjoyed was the overwhelming amount of Japanese culture. From the integrated language to just their way of life is so different from my own. The romance part is nice, but is seen too often with the “dark mysterious stranger who believes no one will ever love him because he is a monster but then the main character is the only one to get through because she is special” cliche. Even so, the twist at the end more than makes up for it. Overall, it is a great book that will leave you waiting for the sequel, Rain, that comes out on June 24th. Hope you enjoy.

– Nicole G., 10th grade

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