Book Review: Terrier by Tamora Pierce

terrier“Rebekah Cooper. Your six-times-great-grandmother. Famed in her day for her service as a Provost’s Guard. She was fierce and law-abiding and loyal…”- An excerpt from Terrier by Tamora Pierce

Terrier, which is the first book of the Provost’s Dog series, is the fifteenth book of the many series set in the Kingdom of Tortall. Though this story starts many years before the first book, Alanna: First Adventure.

Rebakah “Beka” Cooper writes in her journal relaying the her tale of her training to become a Dog in the Provost’s Guard also known as the Provost’s Dog. In this era of Tortall, the city is divided into districts with the Provost’s Guards and the lawkeeper. She chose to train in the worst part of the city, the Lower City.  She is assigned to be Puppy(Dog in training) to the most renowned pair of Dogs in the city, Clara “Clary” Goodwin and Matthias “Mattes” Tunstall. She encounters many friends and foes in the Lower City as well as many crimes and mysteries. Beka come to discover a series of crime spread over years connected to an old bedtime tale about the Shadow Snake along with the mysterious appearance of the rare opals and the disappearance to the ones connected to it. Along with her help of her friend ghost carrying pigeons, and dust spinners, Beka pursues the answers to the mysteries.

Terrier is another wonderful tale by Tamora Pierce with a strong female protagonist. Compared to her other books this contains more of a mystery side to it. It also has less focused on what are the changes that come when growing up. Another difference is that this book is written in a journal style with different days being each chapter. Also due to the fact that it is a journal and Beka does come from a different time it has a special terminology. These terminology might be hard to understand at first but added to the character of the book. Beka is a well written character. With sharp senses and magic Gift, Beka seems to be a flawless character but she struggles with talking to others and her personality tends to lead her into sticky situations. This makes her more real to the readers.

This is only what I think of course, read it to decide for yourself.

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-Sarah J., 9th grade

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