Book Review: Dragon of Silk by Laurence Yep

dragon_silk“Silk is in our blood” – An excerpt from Dragon of Silk by Laurence Yep

Four Chinese girls from different generations each given the name Swallow. Each living in a different era with different difficulties. The one thing tying them together is their heritage and bond with silk. This book spans over seventy-five years, from 1835-2011, in both China and America. Each girl shows the strength and courage of a dragon through the the thick and thin. They fight and sacrifices to keep the family together and pursue her passion.

Dragon of Silk was published in 2011 and is the 10th book in the Golden Mountain Chronicles. This book can be considered a stand-alone book.

Dragon of the Silk is a story of courage and strength but at the same time it brings the theme of the importance of family and how one person can have a huge affect on another. There is also the theme of giving up something to help someone else. Due to the setting of the story, it allows the reader an insight on how Chinese people and immigrants lived during those times. There are also many mentions of the Chinese legend of the Weaving Maid, as well as some of the many festivals celebrated in the Chinese Culture. The characters are well written and have a quality that makes them more real to the reader.

This is a perfect read for anyone. This doesn’t have hardcore action and adventure but it has a wonderful tale for those willing to take the time and read it. This is certainly one of the tops in my book lists.

-Sarah J., 9th grade

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