Book Review: The Mysterious Benedict Society, By Trenton Lee Stewart

mysterious_benedict_coverFour kids,an old professor, his two, slightly quirky assistants, a school for the “gifted” that is run by the professor’s brother, and a diabolical machine that could take over the world– this is just an outline of what happens in The Mysterious Benedict Society written by Trenton Lee Stewart

The story starts out with Reynie Muldoon, an eleven-year-old boy who is gifted with more knowledge than most adults. An advertisement is placed in the newspaper. Reynie, being highly unusual for a child his age, reads the newspaper and happens to read the advertisement:


Intrigued by the fact that is was addressed to children and not the parents, Reynie decides to answer the ad. In return, he is sent to take a series of test where he meets three other children all very smart and with their own quirks and habits. The four are then sent to a school for the “gifted”  and have to find a diabolical machine that could take over the world before it is too late.

The Mysterious Benedict Society  is a book good for all ages with a cast of characters from young to old. This is a mystery story with child protagonist and a dash of adventure. Each character has their quirks that makes them seem more on the nerdy side but makes them more real to the reader. In this story, there is also the theme that everyone one has a talent or an ability that is needed somewhere. It says that no one is not important.

This is the first of a series of amazing mysteries by Trenton Lee Stewart. If you enjoy mysteries, this is a book for you, though very different from your normal Sherlock Holmes.

-Sarah J., 9th grade

2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Mysterious Benedict Society, By Trenton Lee Stewart

  1. Aww! This book brings back so many memories!
    My friends and I were totally obsessed with this book in fourth and fifth grade…
    One of my friends even had a miniature yellow bucket that she kept clipped onto her belt loop. Lol.
    Awesome post!

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